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(TRANS) 141017 Star Escape Room Interview

First of all, I’m happy everyone called me by my name, Zhang Yixing. How do I say this. Humans can’t forget their origin. Actually the Korean Stage Name is important to me too. I respect this stage name equally. Because Lay gave me this feeling of being reborn. Why? Because I used to have lots of activities/work back when I was little. After giving me the name Lay, I’m honored to be added into EXO an be able to work together.

trans by: @xxuelie

Yixing is actually a 5-yr old


Yixing SMTown Tokyo introductions:

大家好~我是EXO的Lay 张艺兴
こんにちわ 私わ 銀河からきた unicorn Lay です
皆さん と 会う為に ここに来ました
smtown 来て いただいで ありがとうございます
皆~~かわいい~~ (●’◡’●)

140912 real_pcy: hello i am changsha’s prince lay zhang yixing~~~~ finally took a pic with xingie hyung!!! #changsha’s #prince #not the ‘장사’ that sells things

trans by: @_fanxing

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